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Elements of GUB Logo GUB Interpretation
Candle of Fire It represents illumination of knowledge against darkness both for the material and spiritual world. The open flame is a path for communication to other realms of existence. It also symbolizes GUB’s journeys against darkness and unknown territory. The candle also symbolizes consumptive power, essential inner power and transformation.
Open Book It symbolizes the life long process of learning. The whole world is like an open book for preparing our students to learn from the open environment. It also focuses on the role of the institutional learning which is instrumental for nurturing GUB students as a complete human being.

Graduation Cap

and Certificate

It symbolizes the mission of GUB which stresses on seeing our graduates as both academically and non- academically competent, ethically driven and responsive citizens of the country.
Fountain Pen It is a nib pen and contains an internal reservoir of liquid ink (wisdom). The pen draws ideas and thinking (ink) from the reservoir of wisdom through a feed to the nib and deposits it on paper via a combination of initiatives and proper actions. It is the master key to enter into the kingdom of learning, professional career development and becoming a complete human being.
Sheaf of Grain The emblem of a sheaf of grain is a common symbol “Bangla Culture” and upholds the spirit of patriotism. Sheaf of Grain represents the fruit of labors, sacrifices and need to imprint patriotic zeal, feeling, and emotional energy in the hearts of the GUB students to preserve this grain.
Symbol of Omnia It embraces all other symbols of GUB logo. It also signifies collective unity and high performing networks through collaboration, cooperation, coordination and commitment to achieve the mission and core values of GUB.


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