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Green University Center for Career Development

Green  University  Center  for  Career  Development  (CCD)  provides  career  advising, career-related  workshops,  training,  internships  and  jobs.  The  Center  establishes  and maintains  good  relationship  with  employers  of  various  industries  in order to help them find the talent they seek for internships and full-time opportunities.



Today’s  job  market  is  so  competitive  that  surviving  the  trendy  career  needs  has become  a  challenge,  which  is  undoubtedly  difficult,  but  fairly  manageable.  Getting  the right  job  is  becomes  all  too  easy,  if  one  knows  the  nitty-gritty  of  the  employer’s prerequisites.  It  has  been  observed  from  various  sources  of  employee  and  employer relations  that  if  one  is  aware  of  the  employer’s  rudimentary  needs,  the  preparation  for recruitment  and  interview  becomes  rather  effortless.  According to a survey, 89% job applicants become employed because of their preparation about the hiring company or employer.  Hence,  we  believe,  every  student  needs  to  know what  the  employer needs, what  preferences  they  have  and  what  their  expectations  are.  These  are  the  very  basics and  imperatives  for  any  job  applicants,  especially  the  fresh  graduates  who  are  out  seeking jobs.  Around  67%  applicants  don’t  get  short  listed  or  recruited  for  their  preferred  jobs  or positions because they fail to meet the employer’s needs, while 33% get  his/her desired job by  fulfilling  the  prerequisites.  Considering  the  challenges,  this  has  become  vital  that efforts  be  put  to  amplify  our  students’  chances  of  being  picked,  short  listed  and gradually  recruited  as  competent  professionals  in  their  desired  jobs  or  positions. Consequently,  this  proposal  is  documented  with  the  intention  to  recommend  the establishment  o f   a  Center  for  Career  Development  (CCD)  with  a  view  to  building career  opportunities  through  career  counseling,  career  search,  and  career development  so  that  our  students  can  find  their  desired  career  after  graduation.  This initiative  will  augment  career  opportunities  in  the  modern-day  global  job  market  and thereby fortify  Green University’s academic excellence in practice.



Empowering  and  connecting  our  students  to  the  job  market  by  providing  a comprehensive array of career programs and services of the highest quality.



To  help  students  and  alumni  to  develop  their  career  skills  by  providing  high  quality services, training, and events that will prepare them for a lifetime of career success.



Contact Address


Mr. Sarfaraz Newaz

Assistant Director (ccd)

Green University of Bangladesh


Mobile: 01912156500