Center for Research and Development | Green University of Bangladesh

Green University Center for Research and Development (GUCRD)

Green University Centre for Research and Development (GUCRD) is a unique center that emphasize on scientific research and analysis, development and acquisition, and systems engineering and integration. The University aims to leverage its “size, diversity, and interdisciplinary culture into competitive advantages that lead to reputation gains.” The purpose of the university is not concentrate only disseminating knowledge but also create new knowledge and innovation.

Green University of Bangladesh Centre for Research and Development (GUCRD) will play an important role in broadening the knowledge base, which will lead to new dimensions and discoveries and subsequently will inform new policies that will ensure developments incorporated with present society in a productive and beneficial manner.

Research plays an indispensable part in tertiary level of study. A center for research and development makes particular sense because it would help to integrate scholars, academicians, researchers, and students from different discipline and departments. GUCRD will advance research in a variety of influential ways, such as, encourage collaboration across various departments and professional schools, sponsor lecture series, research methods, and workshops, provide research support to attract and retain top-tier faculty, and students, and support proposal grants that effectively will promote scientific research.

Different departments of GUB currently have been undertaking their research activities in a scattered way. The existing pattern of research does not meet the perceived needs of GUB. Mostly it is done at individual level by lone scholar and informal research groups. Moreover, there has been a limited coordination among the departments and with the university authority in terms of their research activities. In order to fill up the lacking and to create professional and research ambience, it is proposed to establish a Center for Research and Development, which will epitomize interdisciplinary knowledge.

The creation of GUCRD will have immediate impact on recruiting promising researchers and retaining our most promising and productive faculties in this vital area of research in GUB. In the near future, GUCRD will help train students and faculties in advanced and innovative research methods and facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations across departments. Such efforts should lead to high-quality research and increased grant production, thus raising the research profile of the science, social sciences etc. across the Green University of Bangladesh. Research also influences the teaching mission of the University. By enhancing research and education, GUCRD would like to make a key contribution to the University’s goal of improving its rankings as a private research university.