Green Psychosocial Counseling Unit | Green University of Bangladesh

Green Psychosocial Counseling Unit (GPSCU)

Everyone experiences certain social and emotional difficulties in different stages of life. There might be issues from the past or concern regarding future, which can be confusing and distressing for the person and overwhelming enough to undermine the wellbeing. Such psychosocial issues can be managed with assistance, support and proper guidance. By considering all of these, Green University of Bangladesh (GUB) has introduced the Green Psychosocial Counseling Unit (GPSCU) under the Green University Center of Excellence for Teaching and learning (GUCETL). GPSCU welcomes all students, faculty members and staffs of GUB for not only discussing the emotional issue but also to overcome those issues in order to maintain and lead an emotionally healthy and successful life.

Green Psychosocial Counseling Unit (GPSCU) provides counseling services with equal respect and dignity to every individual. Confidentiality is strictly maintained and counselors are highly concerned about the right and need of every person as well as the cultural diversity and individuality.

Mission of GPSCU:

Our mission is to offer counseling service and psychological support to help the clients in overcoming obstacles and dealing with the challenges for moving toward positive change. This unit provides psychological services in order to help the students, staffs, and faculty to deal with various emotional, psychological, social, academic and personal issues to live a healthy and functioning life.

Philosophy of GPSCU:

GPSCU operates within the philosophy of assisting students to integrate into the holistic academic, social, spiritual, physical and cultural environment of the university. Counseling services seek to promote intellectual, emotional and social growth and development of the GUB students. The philosophy of GPSCU values that individuals who are personally, socially and psychologically well adjusted may be benefited mostly from the facilities offered by the university and dealt with the obstacles that interfere with academic development. The philosophy of the unit is embodied in the statement “helping students to enlighten themselves.” Counselors work to assist students in developing lifelong skills that are essential for achieving and maintaining academic and personal competency for promoting student well-being in a positive and supportive environment within which students can live, learn, play and work.

GPSCU Strives to

  • Promote psychological well-being
  • Maintain access and equity
  • Maintain human rights and equality
  • Create opportunities to identify one’s own capability,
  • know oneself in depth for overcoming his or her difficulties
  • Maintain integrity in service providing
  • Encourage to use critical thinking and utilize creativity.