Green University Language Center | Green University of Bangladesh

About the Green University Language Center (GULC)


Since 2012 the Green University Language Center (GULC) strengthens GUB’s language education, curricula and consistently supports the development of its students. In particular, GULC focuses on current trends in on-line instruction and teaching.
GULC encourages dynamic and diversified language education with an emphasis on translingual and transcultural competence that in turn imbue both the curriculum and the research effort of the academic community.

What to Expect? 
Our English programs are globally befitting to modern needs of communication and standard. We are very proud of our well-qualified teachers. Many of them have additional qualifications in a range of academic subjects, including the fields of art, design, fashion and communication.

Our Officers can help you with career counselling, planning, choosing, and anything else you may need while you are with us.
There is a great social program that takes place in the afternoons and evenings and takes advantage of our exciting rooftop garden.

Our colleagues at the LANGUAGE CENTER can give you expert advice about how to apply to full-time further or higher education courses at the University.

The LANGUAGE CENTER operates between 09:00 and 09:00, Tuesday to Friday, and classes take place throughout the day.

Aims of GULC 
To provide courses which meet the needs of 21st century graduates
To meet student and client expectations
To encourage English Language learning
To enable students to achieve their individual learning goals
To provide a safe and comfortable environment for staff and students
To provide an environment conducive to staff development and satisfaction

Certification Policy 
Each member shall face a course evaluation test followed by an interview with a panel of experts, assisted by the distinguished faculty members of the department of English at Green University of Bangladesh, for a certificate to be awarded to him/her.

Each certificate awarded for previous level of English language skills shall be valid until a member enrolls for the next level in connection with the language proficiency certificate, which may be awarded to one who shall finish all levels in sequence, and thereby, allow LANGUAGE CENTER to maintain a record of his/her progress in learning to communicate.

In the instance of drop-outs, and irregular attendance, the certification program shall become inapplicable upon the member, but if he/she wishes to pursue only a particular level, his/her certificate may be awarded to him/her after successful completion of that level, however, clause 1 is applicable.