Administration | Green University of Bangladesh


At the apex of GUB administration lies the Board of Trustees (BoT), principally responsible for making strategic decisions, and endorsing recommendations put forward by Syndicate and Academic Council of GUB. The Hon’ble Chairman of BoT of GUB presides over the meeting of the BoT.


The second tier of administrative hierarchy is the Syndicate which makes important suggestions and recommendations, and gives strategic as well as tactical directions for administrative activities of GUB. The Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor presides over the meeting of the Syndicate.


The Academic Council, an august body comprised of a blend of outstanding academic scholars and renowned educationists, is mainly responsible for making all important academic decisions and recommendations such as reviewing academic curricula of different programs, maintaining high academic standards, suggesting academic guidelines, introducing new programs, etc. The Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor presides over the meeting of the Academic Council.