Student Affairs Office | Green University of Bangladesh

Office of Student Affairs

Dr. Mohammad Afzal Hossain Khan

Director (In-Charge), Student Affairs for Main Campus

Md. Solaiman Mia

Assistant Director,

Student Affairs for GUB Permanent Campus

It is one of the major wings of the Green University, with oversight of all issues and resources related to student life. Student Affairs is a cluster of units designed and devoted to serve all students and to make sure that the learning and living environment on campus is conducive to attaining your academic goals. For students, that means the basics like getting financial aid, housing, health services and possibly a job from the career center. But it also includes efforts to make every student feel important within the campus. Student Affairs assumes the major responsibility for helping to create a positive campus environment that enhances and supports learning. The quality of student life is significantly affected by the availability, variety, and integrity of services and extra academic support programs on campus. It is our task to build alliances between the classroom and campus life and to provide an opportunity for students to experience the excitement and responsibility that comes from being an active member of a community of higher learning.

Our co-curricular opportunities and services complement academic life on campus and are designed to enhance your intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, cultural, ethical and social development in a safe and secure environment.

Students First!

At GUB our mantra is Students First! It’s not an empty slogan—we back it up with a dedicated faculty and staff, comprehensive programs to ensure your success, and resources required to achieve your academic and personal goals.


  • To oversee different student organizations.
  • To advises student clubs for improving their organizations and activities.
  • To monitor and evaluate the performance of different student clubs.
  • To plans and arranges social, cultural, and recreational activities of various student clubs, according to university policies and regulations.
  • To encourage student participation in university and club events.
  • To bridge between students and the faculty/university management whenever required.
  • To provide individual or group counseling on non academic and social activities.
  • To help students develop coherent values and ethical standards.
  • To help developing high quality, responsive and flexible student learning environment.
  • To conducts orientation program for new students with other members of faculty and staff.
  • To arrange for financial assistance to the needy and deserving students.

The overall activities of the student affairs office are divided in two major areas:

1. External Activities

  • National & international Competitions
  • Student Exchange Programs
  • Event Participation
  • Collaboration and Liaison with External Organizations

2. Internal Activities

  • Convocation Ceremony
  • Student Orientation
  • Non-academic Counseling for Students
  • Students’ Discipline
  • Student Services and Facilities
  • Students’ Suggestions and Complains
  • Festival Celebration
  • Students’ extra-curricular activities and competitions
  • Event Organization
  • Student Volunteers