Cultural Club

Cultural Club

Green University Cultural Club is a Central Club of Green University of Bangladesh. All of our students who are currently studying at the University can take membership of this club. This club is a non- profitable and non-political club. The club was established in 2014. It has a formal executive committee where committee members are selected through fair election process.


The vision of the club is to augment and experiment for bringing out new-fangled and pioneering cultural essence from our students. Cultural club inclines to be attached with central and national celebrations, distinct days and significant events of the university with the vivacious presence of our performers and organizing teams. The vision of the club is to serve our community with susceptibility and affirmative cultural messages as an ethically driven and socially responsive club as well.


The mission of Green University Cultural Club is to provide a platform for our students where they can exercise all inclusive and constructive cultural activities. Correspondingly, this club decidedly encourages our students to improve their organizational skills. Meanwhile it is collectively known to all that any dynamic cultural practice enhances the Academic ingestion in a better outline, the Cultural Club is always respectful to let students exhibit innovative cultural preparations with enco

Club Event Calender

Event Name Date
21-Feb 21st Feb 2024
17 March, 2023 17th Mar 2024
26-Mar 26th Mar 2024
Pohela Baishakh 14th Apr 2024
Annual Cultural Competition 7th Jul 2024
Annual Picnic 17th Aug 2024
Nabanno Utsob 10th Oct 2024
Annual Cultural Fest 12th Nov 2024
16-Dec 16th Dec 2024