Photography Club (GUPC)

Photography Club (GUPC)

Green University Photography Club (GUPC) is a student's based general clubestablished in 17th October, 2014, where the photo enthusiasts of the university try tonurture their creativity and disclose the subtle richness of reality through their images.


Building an environment for GUB students to showcase their creativity and uniqueperspectives through photography and videography and the ability to learn from eachother.


The mission of Green University Photography Club is to provides an informal.friendly, and supportive environment for all club members. The Club fosters andencourages growth of artistic visualization and technical knowledge, exploring theconnection between the eye, the camera, and the spirit. Club members is share idealand knowledge with each other and help to promote interest in photographyvideography in the community through workshop, exhibitions and other events.

Club Event Calender

Event Name Date
Photography workshop 28th Feb 2024
Reformation of club & photography exibition 25th Mar 2024
Photography competition 5th May 2024
Photography workshop 8th Nov 2024
Photography contest 23rd Nov 2024