Robotics Club

Robotics Club

Green Robotics Society (GRS) – a visionary initiative dedicated to empowering GUB students in the captivating realms of robotics and automation. GRS is committed to sculpting a skilled cohort within GUB, poised to spearhead the fusion of human creativity and machine intelligence.


Green Robotics Society wants to be a leading platform for the tech-enthusiasts by creating a competent community of engineering professionals.


The mission of GRS is to engage students of Green University of Bangladesh in activities related to robotics and automation, creating an open platform where students irrespective of departments and faculties will get to share their ideologies, skills, and experiences to practice critical thinking, leadership, teamwork, and implementation techniques in the field of robotics and automation.

Club Event Calender

Event Name Date
Workshop on robot control mechanisms 5th Jan 2024
Orientation 2nd Mar 2024
Short course on AutoCAD and SolidWorks modeling. 22nd Mar 2024
Coding competition, project showcasing, robot competition. 19th May 2024
Short course on industrial automation. 19th Jun 2024
Workshop on robotics. 23rd Jun 2024
Club equipment and setup for club members’ usage and practice 23rd Jun 2024