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BA (Hon’s) in English

The Department of English, one of the vibrant departments at GUB, fosters a rigorous study of English language and literature related to various literary periods and geographical areas. The curriculum of the department is designed and implemented in accordance with the modern international standard of English studies maintained by eminent universities of both the East and the West. Literature courses of the program strive to promote a comprehensive knowledge of human culture by a perceptive reading practice and a critical appreciation of English texts by both native and non-native authors across the globe. Students are accordingly trained in scholarly methods, including archival research, theoretical assessment, cultural studies as well as aesthetic critique. Special attention is also laid to the exploration of gender studies, multi-ethnic literature, postcolonial writings and literary theories in addition to the study of traditional genres of European literature.

Considering the growing importance of English as a crucial means of communication and artistic expression, the Department of English at GUB combines linguistics and ELT courses to familiarize the learners with the basics of language and to ensure their attainment of communicative skills and essential strategies in English. The linguistics concentration places a special emphasis on the study of English phonetics and phonology, analysis of English morphology and syntax, plus the theories of language acquisition. In addition to these major courses, the department also provides intensive mentoring in critical and expository writing, editing and publishing through a variety of supplementary activities under the English Language Club.

Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in English

The Department of English offers the Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in English at undergraduate level. The aim of this program is to equip the students with the most modern and effective knowledge of English. As a whole, the BA (Honors) program in English not only encourages the intellectual growth of the students but also prepares them for a number of professional and creative pursuits.

Objectives of BA (Honors) Program

1.   To provide the students with an extensive knowledge of relevant areas within English studies, including literature, literary history, critical theory and linguistics

2.   To help students achieve high proficiency in English through a comprehensive training in listening, speaking, reading and writing

3.   To involve students in skills and techniques necessary for the appreciation and enjoyment of English literature and language

4.   To familiarize the students with the vivid applications as well as the practical utilities of English studies in the modern life

5.   To prepare the students for creative works and modern research by broadening their faculty of observation, interpretation and critical thinking

6.   To offer the students with meaningful education supportive of the development of individualism, professional skills and social values

Key Features of English Department

1.  Highly qualified faculty members from renowned institutions from both at home and abroad

2.  Congenial academic atmosphere with special attention to the needs of learners

3.  Small class size ensuring quality education and advancement of individual talents of the students

4.  Well-planned syllabus with updated teaching and learning standards

5.  Compulsory General Education (GED) courses for widening students’ knowledge in other vital disciplines

6.  Adequate opportunity for exploring courses in Literature, Language, Applied Linguistics and ELT

7.  Modern Digital English Language Lab

8.  English Language Club promoting variegated literary and linguistic activities



This program requires completion of 138 credits including a dissertation of 6.0 credits. The program structure is as follows:

Course Category

No. of Courses


General Education Courses



Core Courses