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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a four-year undergraduate program. The primary emphasis of BBA program is on developing knowledge and skills in the students so that they can effectively discharge their responsibilities as leaders, entry-level executives in government, semi-government, social and private sector organizations. Indeed, this program prepares qualified students for leadership positions in the 21st century global marketplace.

BBA program pledges to prepare students to face the challenges of the modern business world with determination, professionalism, and creativity. The goal of the program is to meet the current and emerging management needs of business enterprises and the needs of society by providing the nation with competent and skilled managers who will be able to meet the to-day’s turbulent business environment as well as the future challenges.

BBA program is distinguished by a rich curriculum that is continuously updated based on input from industry executives to meet the demands of a constantly evolving business environment. With a rising reputation, the BBA enrolments grew sharply in the last couple of years. It is tremendous to see that the BBA program of GUB has increasingly gained recognition from the corporate bodies.

Objectives of BBA Program

Our BBA program provides students with an opportunity to acquire fundamental knowledge and skills related to the basic business functions. We provide our students with concentrations that reflect the diverse needs of their potential employers as well as the interests of students. Our BBA program is focused on the areas of Finance, Marketing, HRM, Management, MIS, and Accounting.

The objectives of the BBA program are:

1) To provide students with a substantive understanding of knowledge and skills necessary to understand and function effectively in a business and administrative organization;

2) To familiarize students with the fundamental bodies of theoretical and applied knowledge of business represented in the core courses;

3) To help students experience in analyzing and addressing complex managerial problems in team setting;

3) To provide students with an opportunity to concentrate their learning in areas such as Marketing, Management and Human Resource Management, as represented in higher level courses;

4) To enable students to integrate formal academic learning with their business-related experiential learning, resulting in meaningful, personalized learning that relates to their personal or professional needs;

5) To encourage students to experience self-improvement and professional growth;

6) To expose students to the global business environment.

BBA Program Structure

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree requires completing 41 courses (41*3=123 credits) and Internship of 3 credits. A student usually completes these credits in 10-12 trimesters. Any student willing to do a double major must complete 132 credits and take at least five courses (15 credits) from the second major area. To do a minor in any area, a student must take at least three courses (9 credits) from the minor area within the total credit requirements of the program. The course structure of BBA program for  a single major is given as under:

Categories of Courses

No. of Courses


General Education Courses

Core Courses

Concentration Courses

Open Elective Courses














The program structure as mentioned above is subject to change, if required. A student may be required to take 02 non-credit courses such as Fundamentals of English and Fundamentals of Mathematics.