Faculty of Arts And Social Sciences

Professor Dr. M Shahidullah
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Message of the


As Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of GUB, I warmly welcome you all in the Faculty.. Thank you for joining our faculty, one of the best faculties of Arts and Social Sciences in the country, and becoming a member of the proud family of teachers and students of the faculty. We appreciate your choice of studying humanities and social sciences which , as a core area of education, provides the foundation of education with focus on our developments as good human beings, and patriotic citizens with liberal, humanitarian values and appropriate ethical, social and cultural norms and behavior, refinement and polish, which are some of the frontline and badly needed areas today for human resource development in our times when the world is marked by rapid technological and mechanical progress and commercialization. We, the students and faculty members of the faculty are happy with your judicious choice to study Arts and Social Sciences.

I am sure, with your degrees in Arts and Social Sciences you will be able to contribute a lot to different sectors of life in Bangladesh and beyond. I believe that with the quality of your head and heart developed through your study of English Language, Literature, Linguistics, TESOl, in English Department and the different areas of modern Sociology in the Department of Sociology and the different dimension of journalism and media communication in the Department of Journalism and Media Communication you can find good employment opportunities in many professional sectors both at home and abroad.

Our faculty has a very good mix of senior faculty members with vast teaching and research experiences in the public and Private Sector Universities and research Institutes, and talented young faculty members selected through a very transparent, fair and competitive recruitment process. The faculty also has a good research environment; it trains learners in doing research, and in presenting and publishing research papers. The university policy also encourages research by students and teachers in many ways. Some of our students won prestigious national competitions of research paper presentations organized by BELTA, TESOL Society and other organizations of Bangladesh. I am sure you will find a very humane, cordial and friendly environment in and outside the classrooms nd around the departments of the faculty which will help you nourish your growth. The faculty members, as mentors and facilitators, care most about you, will provide you a fulfilling experience in your studies and extracurricular activities. and will help you grow as complete human beings. A variety of opportunities are made available for students to get involved for their physical, cultural and intellectual growth in the faculty. The Departments of the faculty and the university through its Career Counseling Centre (CCD) offers academic and career advising support.

We wish you a fruitful time in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and at Green University of Bangladesh to accomplish your academic and career goals. We will work together to develop a faculty of Arts and Social Science of a global standard.