Faculty of Business Studies

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Tareque Aziz
Dean, Faculty of Business Studies

Message of the


Green Business School (GBS) has long been a shining example of quality, creating a lively classroom atmosphere that blends in-depth academic research with real-world business ideas. We are dedicated to giving our students a well-rounded education that will enable them to succeed in the dynamic world of business, not only by arming them with the newest theoretical knowledge but also by giving them the skills and mentality that are required.

We are constantly updating our curriculum to reflect the most recent developments in the industry and new technology in the spirit of innovation. Our distinguished faculty, which is made up of eminent academics and seasoned professionals, is committed to providing an immersive learning environment that goes beyond the classroom. In order to prepare our students to be leaders and innovators in a business climate that is changing quickly, we urge them to think critically, accept diversity, and develop a global perspective.

Our strategy is centered on collaboration. We think that deep collaborations with alumni, business executives, and the general public are crucial to enhancing the educational process and guaranteeing the applicability of our courses. We are constantly seeking to broaden our network of partners in order to offer our students beneficial internship, mentoring, and real-world project opportunities.

Resilience and adaptation will be essential as we traverse the difficulties of the present and look to the future. The business world is changing, and we are committed to giving our students the tools they need to succeed in a setting that requires moral leadership, innovation, and agility. Our steadfast dedication to cultivating a culture of honesty and social responsibility stems from our conviction that business education should advance both societal advancement and economic prosperity.

I urge everyone in our community to take advantage of the many opportunities the Business School has to offer. Let's keep constructing a community that develops talent, encourages creativity, and gets the upcoming generation of business leaders ready. I'm wishing everyone a happy and fruitful academic path.


Professor Dr. Md. Tareque Aziz

Dean, Green Business School (GBS)

Gren University of Bangladesh (GUB)