Mr. Md. Robiul Islam | Green University of Bangladesh

Mr. Md. Robiul Islam


M.S. in Applied Mathematics, University of Dhaka

B.S. (Hon’s) in Mathematics, University of Dhaka

  • Lecturer
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering
    Green University of Bangladesh
    (04th September 2018 – Present)

1. Md. Monirul Islam, & Md. Robiul Islam. (2020). An Analytic Solution of Benjamin-Ono Equation by Functional Variable Method (FVM): Graphical Approaches on Wave Speed. Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistical Analysis, 1(3), 1–7.

2. Md. Robiul Islam, M.G.M. Al Faruque, & Shamima Islam. (2019). Variable Fluid Properties of MHD Steady Natural Convection Flow over a Vertical Flat Plate. Research and Reviews: Journal of Environmental Sciences,1(2),1-6.

3. Md. Monirul Islam, Muztuba Ahbab, Md. Robiul Islam, & Md. Humayun Kabir, “On the exact solutions of some nonlinear PDE by TAN-COT method”, GUB JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, vol 05, Issue 01, December 2018.

4. Shamima Islam, Jakia Sultana, Md. Robiul Islam, & Samiha Islam Tanni, “Ferrofluid convection flow & heat transfer over a stretching surface in the presence of magnetic induction effects”, GUB JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, vol 04, Issue 01, December 2017.

  •      National Science & Technology (N.S.T.) fellowship (2016-2017), from The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Bangladesh.

1. Modelling and Simulation of Fluidic Phenomena.

2. Dusty fluid model.

3. Applications of Linear algebra.