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Dr. ASM Shihavuddin

Chairman and Professor

Brief profile

Dr. ASM Shihavuddin, who graduated from the EEE Department of IUT, is currently working as Chairperson of the Department of EEE at Green University of Bangladesh (GUB). He is renowned for his contributions in the fields of Computer Vision and Deep Learning. In 2017, he published his work on the optimum 2D projection of 3D microscopic data in Nature Communications, also in the same year, his contributions to analyzing ciliogenesis were published in Science. In 2018, he published another nature paper by successfully discovering cilia-beating properties. Neuron, Development, Remote Sensing, and Energies are among other top journals where his novel contributions in image processing and machine learning fields are already being published over the years. In fact, he has 80+ research articles in different international journals and international conferences with 1184 citations (18 H index and 27 i10 indexes).

Dr. ASM Shihavuddin worked as Associate Professor at the CSE department of ULAB and the CSE department of IUB. Earlier he worked as an Assistant professor at DTU compute, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark. He previously worked in the same department as a postdoctoral researcher for 10 months on ‘Automated damage detection from wind turbine inspection images with deep learning’.

He completed his first postdoc at Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS), Paris with the computational biology and bioinformatics group. His principal research area was to develop machine learning and image analysis algorithms in the study of Ependymal cell microscopy images.

He did his Ph.D. from the VICOROB group, Universitat De Girona (UDG) Spain. His main research Problem was “Automated Underwater Object classification using Optical Imagery”. He completed his MSc in ‘European Masters in Computer Vision and Robotics (VIBOT)’ under Erasmus Mundus Grants.

Earlier In 2006, he joined IUT as a lecturer of the EEE Department and was promoted to Assistant Professor in 2011. From 2007 to 2014, he finished his MBA evening from the Marketing Department of the University of Dhaka.

Education in Summary

2011 – 2014 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Universitat De Girona (UDG), Girona, Spain. Cum Laude / With Honours

2008 – 2010 European Masters of Computer Vision and Robotics, Universite de Bourgogne (France), Universitat de Girona (Spain) and Heriot-Watt University (Scotland), VIBOT, GPA – 17.032 out of 20, ranked 4th.

2007 – 2014 Masters of Business Administration (MBA) major in marketing, University of Dhaka (DU), Dhaka, Bangladesh, GPA 3.60 out of 4.00.

2002 – 2006 Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, IUT, Gazipur, Bangladesh, Placed 2nd, CGPA 4.96 out of 5.00.

2000 – 2002 Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC), Notre Dame College, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 885 marks out of 1000, with 4-star marks.

1998 – 2000 Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Ideal school and college, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 880 marks out of 1000, with 5-star marks.



Sept 2022 – Till date: Chairman, EEE Department, Professor, Green University of Bangladesh, (GUB).

  • Leading Departmental development activities.
  • New lab developments and fostering research activities.
  • OBE based curriculum implementation
  • Teaching ’Electrical Circuits’.

Feb 2020 – Till Date: Director, CETL, Green University of Bangladesh, (GUB).

  • Leading center development activities.
  • Transformation to E-learning.
  • Master Facilitator
  • General assembly
  • Social media activation.
  • Regular workshop and research

March 2022 – August 2022: Associate professor, Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB).

  • Departmental development activities.
  • Mentor, CSE departmental club Jukti
  • Assistant Director of RIoT Center
  • Organizing SETSfest, Education conference
  • OBE based curriculum and SAR report writing

Feb 2020 – February 2022: Chairman, EEE Department, Associate professor, Green University of Bangladesh, (GUB).

  • Leading Departmental development activities.
  • New lab developments and fostering research activities.
  • OBE based curriculum implementation
  • Chair of E-learning committee, GUB
  • Editorial board member, Review of Science and Engineering
  • Co-chair of STI 2020
  • Teaching ’Digital Signal Processing, Electric Circuits’.
  • Initiatives – Meet the department, Batlle of Brains, EEE Day – like never before, Social media activation, Lab Video Making, Thesis Checklist, DhakaAI 2020, etc.

Feb 2020 – February 2022: Director, CETL, Green University of Bangladesh, (GUB).

  • Leading center development activities.
  • Transformation to E-learning.
  • Edunious 4.0
  • Master Facilitator
  • General assembly
  • Social media activation.

Jan 2014 – Till date:  Director, MOMODa FOUNDATION.

  • App-based survey solution development.
  • Capacity building workshop arrangements.
  • Enhancing international outlook and digital presence of MOMODa FOUNDATION
  • Project proposal writing and idea generation.

Sept 2019 – Feb 2020: Associate professor, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh, (ULAB).

  • Teaching ’Operating Systems, Database Management systems, AI, Introduction to Computer Studies’.
  • Preparing new curriculum along data science and machine learning major, booklet and brochure of CSE Department
  • Advisor – ’ULAB Computer Society’.
  • Organizing committee – IJCCI 2019.
  • Speaker – SotM Asia 2019.
  • Speaker – Advances in Computer Vision: Recent Trends and Applications, IUT, short course 2019
  • Passed certification on ’SDG001: How to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals’.

July 2018 – Sept 2019: Assistant professor, DTU Compute, (DTU), Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • DARWIN project
  • Teaching ’Introduction to Mathematics and Technology’, ’Advanced Image Analysis’, ’Computer Vision’, ’Project work in image analysis’.
  • 5 M.Sc, 4 B.Sc student, 1 PhD external student supervision
  • Organized paper writing workshop 2018
  • Organized 2019 Summer school on Generative models together with DTU and DIKU image section
  • Finished ’Education in University Teaching’ course at DTU, UDTU – Module 1, 2 and 3)

Oct 2017 – July 2018: Senior Postdoc, DTU Compute, DTU, Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Automated wind turbine external damage detection using deep learning framework, Industrial machine
  • vision course, organizer VISION DAY 2018, CVPR 2018, Scandem 2018

Sept 2014 – Sept 2017: Postdoc, IBENS, Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS), Paris, France.

  • Automated image processing and analysis method development for Ependymal cell study

April 2014 – October 2014: Assistant Professor, EEE, Islamic University of technology (IUT), Bangladesh.

  • Computer vision and machine learning, Digital electronics; B.Sc, M.Sc thesis supervision

June 2011 – March 2014: PhD Research Fellow (Assistant Professor, IUT – on leave), VICOROB, Universitat De Girona (UDG), Girona, Spain.

  • Computer vision research projects, M.Sc thesis super vision, conference/seminar organization

Jan 2011 – June 2011: Assistant Professor, EEE, Islamic University of technology (IUT), Bangladesh.

  • Computer vision and machine learning, Digital electronics; B.Sc, M.Sc thesis supervision

June 2010 – Dec 2010: Lecturer, EEE, Islamic University of technology (IUT), Gazipur, Bangladesh.

  • Pattern recognition, Electromagnetic Fields and waves, Signal processing; B.Sc thesis supervision

June 2009 – Sept 2009: Research Assistant, VICOROB, Universitat De Girona (UDG), Girona, Spain.

  • Method development for Online underwater sunflicker effect removal

Sept 2006 – June 2008: Lecturer on leave, EEE, Islamic University of technology (IUT), Gazipur, Bangladesh.

  • Digital electronics, Electromagnetic Fields and waves, Signal processing; B.Sc thesis supervision

Dec 2006 – Sept 2008: Lecturer, EEE, Islamic University of technology (IUT), Gazipur, Bangladesh.

  • Digital electronics, Electromagnetic Fields and waves, Signal processing; B.Sc thesis supervision

Sept 2006 – Dec 2006: Lecturer, EEE, Stamford University Bangladesh (SUB), Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Digital electronics, Electromagnetic Fields and waves



Ahmed Al Mansur, Md. Ruhul Amin, Md. Imamul Islam, ASM Shihavuddin, Electrical data of 10W, 40W, 80W, and 250W photovoltaic modules under the aging condition: Tested by a Solar Manufacturer Company in Bangladesh, Data in Brief, 2023, 108989. [Link]

IF – 1.33

Md. Imamul Islam, Md Hasan Maruf, Ahmed Al Mansur, Ratil H. Ashique, Mohammad Asif ul Haq, ASM Shihavuddin, Mohd Shawal Jadin, Feasibility analysis of floating photovoltaic power plant in Bangladesh: A case study in Hatirjheel Lake, Dhaka, Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, Volume 55, 2023, 102994 [Link]

IF – 7.632


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IF – 9.47

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2020-2021: MOST award for Drone inspection

2020: Elsevier award for DhakaAI 2020

Best Paper Award runner up at CVPR 2018 for CVMI workshop.

2010-2013 FI Grant by the Catalan Govt. for PhD studentship at Universitat De Girona (UDG) and ranked

top among the list

2008-2010 Erasmus Mundus Grant, Europeans commission for 2 years MSc programme VIBOT

2006 Most Creative Brain award among 02 batch by IUT students

2003-2006 OIC Full free scholarship for 4 years at IUT

2002-2003 Dhaka Board scholarship for securing above 80% marks in H.S.C


8 M.Sc projects, 17 B.Sc final-year projects

Reviewed articles

NIPS, SILICON, IJCA, ICECE, Entropy, Remote Sensing, Applied Sciences, IEEE Access, IJCCI, Sensors, Springer Nature, Marine Ecology


Danish road and safety association, Danish digitization project 2019, Eutech Systems Limited, MOMODa Foundation

Event organization

Academic writing workshop (DTU) 2018, Vision day 2018 (DTU), Essonance 2014 (IUT),

ROBOleague 2012 (UDG)

Pedagogical training

UDTD module 1, 2, 3 – teachers training, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), 2018 – 2019

Teachers Training Course for 1 week at Islamic University of Technology (IUT), 2007, 3 weeks at

Stamford University of Bangladesh, 2006

Grant application writing

Danish Innovation Fund – App based automated feedback and education for skin cancer diagnostics,


Danish Innovation Fund – EPS study, 2019

Novo Nordisk Fund – Neuromatrix, 2019

Danish Innovation Fund – App based Danish Hospital Dietary Intake registration tool, 2019

European grant – Monitoring unexploded military, 2018

D/S Orient Fund – Collaborative Autonomous Monitoring of Marine Assets, 2018


ICREST 2018 (keynote speaker), Wind energy Denmark 2018 (invited speaker), Optimization

summer school, SCANDEM 2018 (poster), CVPR 2018 (paper), Vision day – DTU 2018 (organizer),

YRLS 2017, YRLS 2016 (reviewer), Oceans conference 2013 (paper), VISAPP 2012 (paper), Summer school on machine learning 2012 by INRIA, CINTI 2011 (paper), CIM 2008 (paper)