Mr. Yeasin Noor | Green University of Bangladesh

Mr. Yeasin Noor

Lecturer (Contractual)

M.s in physics
University of Dhaka (2018)
B.S. in Physics
University of Dhaka (2013-2014)
Higher Secondary School Certificate (H.S.C)
Madhupur college, Madhupur, Tangail (Dhaka Board)
Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSC/ Dakhil)
Madhupur Adarsha Islamic Madrasah, Madhupur, Tangail

Lecturer in Physics,
Department of EEE
Green University of Bangladesh
Duration: 29 March, 2022 to present

1. Committed Effective Doses Received by Occupational Workers Handling Radioisotopes (131-I and 99m-Tc) at INMAS, as Assessed from Urine-Samples.
Yeasin Noor, Jannatul Ferdous, Naureen Ahsan and Abdus Sattar Mollah

Health Physics
Medical Physics
Reactor Physics
Bio- Physics