Mr. Mohammad Tamzid | Green University of Bangladesh

Mr. Mohammad Tamzid

Assistant Professor, Mgt. & HRM

MBA in HRM, University of Dhaka.

BBA in Management Studies, University of Dhaka.

HSC in Business Studies, Jessore Cantonment College.

SSC in Business Studies, Jessore Zilla School.

Teaching Experience:

  • “Assistant Professor” in Management & HRM, ( October, 2019 – Present)
  • “Senior Lecturer” in Management & HRM, ( February, 2017 – September, 2019)
  • “Lecturer” in Management & HRM, (6th January, 2015 – January, 2017)

Administrative Experience:

  • Program Coordinator-MBA Program (1st  May,2016 – 30th September, 2017)
  • Assistant Program Coordinator-MBA Program (20th August, 2015 – 30th April, 2016)


Publication List:

1.  Tamzid, M. (2022). The Effects of Different Managerial Levels on Training Effectiveness. International Journal of Social Science and Human Research, 5(8), 3381-3388. DOI:   (Impact Factor: 5.871).  

2.  Tamzid, M. (2022). The Indicators of Bad Selection in Private Organizations of Bangladesh. South Asian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 3(2), 56-72.

3.  Tamzid, M. (2021). Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) Replace Human Recruiters? Paper presented at the International Conference on Innovation and Transformation for Development (ITD-2021) by Green University of Bangladesh. ISBN: 978-984-444-030-2.

4.  Ferdouse, R. & Tamzid, M. (2021). Rationale and Impact of Employer Branding in the Recruitment Process: A Descriptive Study. Journal of Green Business School, 4(1).  [ACCEPTED]

5.  Noor, M. A. & Tamzid, M. (2019). Impact of Compensation Package on Employee Performance leading to Organization’s Financial Performance: Study Focus on Some Selected Private Organizations in Dhaka City. Journal of Green Business School, 2(1), 107-117.

6.  Ferdouse, R. & Tamzid, M. (2018). Relationship among Employee Training, Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study on Private Domestic Airlines in Bangladesh. International Journal of Ethics in Social Sciences, 6(2), 40-54.

7.  Tamzid, M. (2018). Effects of Benefits on Employee Retention in Private Banking Sector of Bangladesh. Journal of Green Business School, 1(1), 41-51.

8.  Hasan, M., Sonia, S. and Tamzid, M. (2016). An Analysis on Communication System in Project-Planning Phase of Successful Projects. Rabindra Journal, 49(1).

9.   Hasan, M., Ferdouse, R. & Tamzid, M. (2016). ELLE: Become the World. Rabindra Journal, 49(1).

  • Accomplished scholarship from the school, college and government for outstanding academic
  • Accomplished scholarship from DBBL for outstanding academic performance at the undergraduate level


Research Interest:

  • Training and Development
  • Compensation Management
  • Hiring Process
  • Service Quality
  • Use of Technology In HRM


Business Club Moderator (February 1, 2018 – Present)

Organized Program:

  • GBS Virtual Job Fair 2021
  • “Voice” Program at Jamuna TV
  • Webinar on “Impact of Covid-19 on Higher Studies: Prospects and Challenges for Prospective Business Graduates”. Jointly with Mr. Md. Asad Noor
  • GBS Alumni V-Union. (Organizing Committee Member)
  • Seminar on “Leadership Exploration and Development”.
  • “Interview and CV Review”. Jointly with Mr. Md. Asad Noor and Ms. Rumana Ferdouse.
  • Demo Interview in HRM