Hostel Rules

The University offers residential accommodation for those students who wish it. There is a separate hostel for male/female students. The hostel has all the necessary facilities. Listed below are the rules governing residence in the hostels.

Student Responsibility to Keep Informed
  1. We remain dedicated to providing a safe, and conducive environment for your academic journey.
  2. Students must only occupy the area they have been allocated.
  3. The facilities are provided on a shared basis.
  4. In the case of damage to, or loss of equipment, the student responsible will bear the cost of replacement.
  5. Students must pay accommodation rent, food and other costs which may be incurred. If a student does not wish to avail hostel food, this can be arranged.
  6. If a student is absent from the hostel, all charges, except for food, will still be due.
  7. All charges must be paid by the first week of every month. If a student is in arrears by two months, he/she may be evicted.
  8. If a student wishes to vacate their hostel place, one months’ prior notice must be given.
  9. Students must be present in hostel by 8:30 pm.
  10. Cooking, use of personal electrical appliances, TV’s etc is not permitted. However, students may use personal computers and have an Internet connection, provided this is done at their own expense.
  11. No outside visitors are allowed in the sleeping accommodation. Female students are not permitted outside visitors in the room.

  12. All students will have to vacate the hostel one day after exam ends and during holidays.
  13. Strict discipline must be maintained in the hostels.
  14. A student may be evicted at any time, for misconduct or breach of rules.
  15. Other rules may be introduced, if or when necessary.
  16. A local guardian must be introduced during the admission in Hostel.
  17. No one will be allowed to leave the hostel within 6 months after confirming seat in the hostel.

Under orders of the university authority, campus security or law enforcing agency may search with written notice or on surprise a student’s room or common room area in the hostel to search for any illegal activity, drug, paraphernalia, weapons and unlawful gathering or as deemed appropriate by the Authority.