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Message from Chairman


Welcome to Our University.

The 21st century with the rapid expansion of globalization has initiated revolutionary changes in scientific achievements, educational diversification, and cultural enrichment almost in all the countries. Bangladesh is no exception in this regard. The society of Bangladesh has embarked on considerable transformations to cope with new challenges. One of the areas where tangible success has been achieved is the domain of human resources development. In general, our country is suffering from shortage of finance in higher educational institutions. However, we have been witnessing a proliferation in the growth of private universities during the last two decades. This has opened up enormous opportunities for the youth of Bangladesh from the population for the acquisition of creative and competitive higher education in diverse fields of knowledge.


Against this backdrop, Green University of Bangladesh (GUB) started its journey almost a decade ago and soon earned wide reputation in the country as a seat of creative learning in Science, Engineering, Business, Law, and Humanities. This has been possible due to the concerted efforts of a body of management, a group of passionately committed and talented educationists now teaching at GUB, and a pool of enthusiastic students.  


This catalogue provides evidence of the growing trend of educational diversification, and is designed to meet the needs of the students that suit the fast changing national and international requirement. One of the broad goals of GUB is to equip the generation of students with modern professional skills within their affordable financial limits. This has been indicated by the gradual increase in students’ enrolment in successive academic semesters.


I offer my thanks to all who are involved in building this institution as a center of academic excellence.



Chairman, Board of Trustees

Green University of Bangladesh