Message of the Treasurer

Prof. Dr. Md. Fayzur Rahman
Treasurer (Acting)

Message of the

Treasurer (Acting)

Green University provides high-quality education, equipping scholars with the resources to address both national and international challenges. Within the short span of its establishment, this university has achieved tremendous successes and continues to mold its future with new program enterprises, ultramodern classrooms, explorative traits, pupil engagement, professional training, faculty development and transboundary collaboration. The university community subscribes to the abecedarian conviction that education is a catalyst for positive changes and professionalism, social knowledge and a deep sense of patriotism. It provides numerous avenues to grow academically, intellectually, socially, ethically and technologically as all-round human beings.

In this process, critical thinking is emphasized, cooperation is promoted, technology mindfulness is instilled, new modes of knowledge are explored, multicultural mindfulness and empathy are developed, interpersonal capabilities are fostered, practical life skills are honed, and an ethical perspective is woven into its fabric. At this moment, this university is working relentlessly to produce sustainable and continuing changes in Bangladesh and throughout the rest of the developing world. Three abecedarian enterprises driving these changes are embedded in the belief that cooperative traits will create solidarity, leading to new and innovative ideas that can subsequently have a deep social impact. Green University of Bangladesh, under the visionary leadership of Mohammed Abdullah Al-Mamun, Chairman, Board of Trustees, will reach the zenith of success and perfection in the days to come.

The office of the treasurer typically handles financial responsibilities including budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting. This may include managing funds and ensuring compliance with financial regulations. The domain of this office encompasses financial stability and financial planning within the ambit of the Green University of Bangladesh. This new website will play a crucial role in managing financial issues by providing a centralized platform that will enhance accessibility, transparency, and efficiency in managing various financial aspects, contributing to effective financial planning and decision-making.