Message of the Vice Chancellor

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Shorif Uddin
Vice Chancellor

Vice Chancellor

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Green University of Bangladesh (GUB) through our website. As the Vice-Chancellor, I am proud to lead an institution committed to academic excellence, innovation, and holistic development.

GUB was established in 2003 with the vision of becoming a global center of excellence in higher education. We offer a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs through our four faculties: Business Studies, Science & Engineering, Arts & Social Sciences, and Law, to meet the socio-economic needs of our country. Our curriculum is designed to provide quality education imbued with high moral and ethical values. Over the years, the university has grown rapidly and currently serves 7,000 students with over 300 dedicated faculty members. Our graduates are gaining admission to renowned foreign universities for further studies with financial aid and securing positions in prestigious industries and institutions.

We have forged strong partnerships with national and international institutions, facilitating exchange programs, joint research, and shared learning opportunities that enrich our academic community. In an era of rapid global and national changes, universities play a crucial role in shaping the future workforce. At GUB, we recognize that knowledge is a key resource in a world where change is the norm. We are dedicated to preparing our students to excel in their respective fields, equipped not only with comprehensive knowledge but also with ethical empowerment and outcome-based skills.

Our state-of-the-art facilities, including modern laboratories and an extensive library, provide the necessary infrastructure for a conducive learning environment. GUB is a place where everyone feels valued and supported, fostering an inclusive culture that celebrates diversity and provides equal opportunities for all. Adequate support systems for both teachers and students have been developed to ensure their success and well-being, complemented by various centers and clubs. We have enhanced our outreach programs to ensure our work positively impacts the community. Sustainability has been integrated into our curriculum and campus practices, promoting environmental conservation and social responsibility.

While teaching is a core aspect of our mission, GUB is deeply invested in research and training activities to expand the horizon of knowledge and ensure that our graduates and faculty members make significant contributions both locally and globally. We are committed to leading the intellectual advancement of the nation, nurturing young minds to grow, succeed, and take on leadership roles in various sectors worldwide.

As you explore our website, I hope you gain a comprehensive understanding of what makes GUB a unique and outstanding institution. Our dedication to excellence in education, supported by robust infrastructure and a visionary approach, positions us as a leading university in Bangladesh and beyond.

Once again, a heartfelt welcome to Green University of Bangladesh. We look forward to your support and collaboration in our journey towards greater heights.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Shorif Uddin
Green University of Bangladesh