Battle of Brains-Series Edition: Successful Completion of the Biggest online Quiz event of this year | Green University of Bangladesh

Battle of Brains-Series Edition: Successful Completion of the Biggest online Quiz event of this year

Department of EEE and EEE club of Green University of Bangladesh have successfully organized this year’s biggest online quiz competition ‘Battle of Brains –The Series Edition’ sponsored by Green University of Bangladesh (GUB) and co-sponsored by TechTutoR. Outreach Partners for this event were Youth Opportunities and School of Engineers and Media Partners were Dhaka Post and Radio Bhumi FM 92.8 FM. This was the innovation of the dynamic chairperson of the EEE department, Dr. ASM Shihavuddin, who thought that a quiz competition during this COVID-19 pandemic situation would motivate the young learners of our country in science and technology. Prof. Satya Prasad Majumder, Vice-Chancellor of  BUET was the Chief Guest of this contest. Honourable Vice-Chancellor of GUB, Prof. Dr. Golam Samdani Fakir;   Honourable Pro Vice-chancellor of GUB, Prof. Dr. Md. Abdur Razzaque; Distinguished Professor of EEE dept, Prof Dr Kamrul Ahsan; Honourable Treasurer Prof Dr Fayzur Rahman and Chairperson of EEE department, Dr ASM Shihavuddin were present in the program as honourable guests.

The University edition of this event took place on May 1, 2021 where 1600+ students from different public and private universities participated in the competition. The event started at 10.30 am with the introduction and the rules and regulations of the program. A trial run started from 11.00 am to better acquaint the participants with the ‘Kahoot’ app to give the answers. After the trial round, the Pre-Battle started at 11.30 am. Top 100 participants from the Pre-battle round were invited in the final battle round which started at 2.00 pm. There were 25 questions in the final round. Abdullah Al Rafi Mahmud from BRAC university became the champion of the University edition.

The College and Polytechnic edition took place on May 2, 2021. This time, 900+ students from various renowned Colleges and 350+ participants from different Polytechnic institutions participated in this contest. Pre-Battle for college and Polytechnic edition started at 10.30 am in separate Kahoot links. Top 100 and 25  participants from colleges and polytechnic institutions were selected for the final battle rounds respectively. The final round started at 2.00 pm on the same day. Towsif Ur Rahim from Chittagong College won the championship of the college edition and Sharmin Akter from Chandpur polytechnic Institute won the championship of the polytechnic edition.