Completion of the Webinar on Optimization, AI and ML for Power System | Green University of Bangladesh

Completion of the Webinar on Optimization, AI and ML for Power System

As a part of IEEE PES Day 2021 celebration, the IEEE PES Students Branch Chapter and IEEE Students Branch at Green University of Bangladesh jointly organized a webinar on emerging technologies of power system titled “Application of Machine Learning, AI and Optimization Tools in Power System”

The session started with a welcoming speech from Dr. ASM Shihavuddin, Chairperson, Department of EEE, Green University of Bangladesh
The First Keynote speaker was Alireza Soroudi, Ph.D., SMIEEE, Assistant Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
He demonstrates how the optimal decision-making is a key part of any engineering problem and the optimization tools can be used to solve various power system operation and planning optimization problems. His talk provided the audience with a comprehensive overview of the capabilities of open source and commercial (GAMS/Python) tools in solving basic/advanced power system optimization problems. It was suitable for dedicated and general audiences including power system professionals as well as researchers and developers from the energy sector and electrical power engineering community and will be helpful to undergraduate and graduate students
Seconds Keynote Speaker was Prof.Dr. Abhinandan De, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur. He describes the very basics of AI and Machine Learning and their various application in power systems. He also demonstrates how AI techniques play a prominent role in power system management and control. He also described some algorithms of artificial neural networks and how genetic algorithms-researchers have applied almost every form of AI tool in at least prototype form to one or more problem areas in the power industry, and new practical applications of AI appear with increasing frequency. He described the power system problems that are likely candidates for AI techniques, and the techniques that have been used on those problems.

Then with a closing speech from chief Guest Prof. Dr. Md Abdur Razzaque, the session was ended successfully. He also showed his kind gratitude to keynote speakers, faculty members, audiences, organizers.