Publication of the First Issue of Online Magazine "সবুজ সুতোর ক্যানভাস" by Green University Textile Club (GUTC) | Green University of Bangladesh

Publication of the First Issue of Online Magazine “সবুজ সুতোর ক্যানভাস” by Green University Textile Club (GUTC)

Greetings from the Department of Textile Engineering. Hope you are doing well.

It is our great pleasure to inform you that, the Green University Textile Club (GUTC) has recently published “সবুজ সুতোর ক্যানভাস”, an online magazine. The cover unwrapping ceremony of the publication was held yesterday.

The aim behind the publication of “সবুজ সুতোর ক্যানভাস” was to promote creativity and develop both technical and non-technical writing skills among the students of the department. It contains numerous technical articles on textiles written by students, self-written poems, short stories. There is also a segment to showcase the passion for nature photography of some of the students. Another interesting and important part of the magazine is experience sharing from the alumni members of the Department of Textile Engineering, specially, experience of job interview can be particularly helpful for the students of the department.

The spontaneous responses we got from the students in this pandemic situation was exhilarating. Around 70 students sent write-ups for the magazine. The publication of the magazine created a positive vibe among the students within the tight academic schedule.

In the magazine cover unwrapping ceremony, some of the students who wrote in the “সবুজ সুতোর ক্যানভাস” expressed their feelings about the magazine. Md. Shahidul Alam, President, Alumni Association, wished every success of the magazine.  Md. Mazharul Helal, Lecturer and Deputy Moderator (GUTC), congratulated the students and put emphasis on the importance of culture of creative writing among the students. Md. Mutasim Uddin, Lecturer and Moderator (GUTC), Advisor, “সবুজ সুতোর ক্যানভাস”, shared the inception and the whole journey of publishing the magazine. Prof. Dr. Ismail Chowdhury, Professor, Department of Textile Engineering briefed about the importance of such involvement of the students.


Prof. Dr. Nitai Chandra Sutradhar, Distinguished Professor and Chairperson, Department of Textile Engineering, GUB put light on the fact that in our society engineers always have the reputation for all-round performance. He wished to see the same from the students of the Department of Textile Engineering, GUB. He briefly endorsed the practice of creative writing among the students. He mentioned the culture of technical writing will help students a lot for their future career. He thanked everyone associated, from students to faculty members, with the publication of the magazine. He wished all the success to the first issue of “সবুজ সুতোর ক্যানভাস” and emphasized on the continuity of the magazine.

Read the magazine: Edition-2021