Successful Completion of the webinar "Amelioration of Lab report writing skills for Novice Engineers"_Spring 2021_Permanent campus | Green University of Bangladesh

Successful Completion of the webinar “Amelioration of Lab report writing skills for Novice Engineers”_Spring 2021_Permanent campus

A webinar entitled “Amelioration of Lab report writing skills for Novice Engineers” was held by the faculty of science and Engineering (FSE) on 3rd May, 2021 (monday) at the permanent campus, Green University of Bangladesh. The aim of organizning the webinar was to develop the lab report writing skills, discuss the common mistakes and solutions to overcome the mistakes. The webinar was anchored by Rabeya Akter Rabu, Lecturer, Department of EEE.The webinar was started by the woderful inauguration speech of the session chair Ms. Umme Ruman, Campus director (PC) & Assistant Professor, Department of CSE. In her speech, she thanked and appreciated the organizers for arranging such an exceptional webinar which kicked off the trend of developing students soft skills in the permanent campus. She was also grateful to all the faculty members and students for their active participation and also admired to see 100 participants from all the engineering departments of FSE.

Three session speakers from different engineering departments had delivered their speechs. The speakers are Mr. Sourav Barua, Lecturer & Program Coordinator, Dept. of EEE, Mrs. Tasnim Rahman, Lecturer, Dept. of CSE and Mr. Monir Hossan, Lecturer & Assistant Program Coordinator Dept. of Textile Engineering. All the session speakers sequentially elaborated the guidelines, suggestions and recommendations for writing an attractive and organized Laboratory report.The students asked their questions and also requested the speakers and session chair to organize such webinar once in a semester for them.

Besides, the session chair, Three senior faculty members had also given their reflection on the webinar. Mr. Solaiman Mia, Assistant professor, Dept. of CSE, explained the importance of the learning outcomes from this webinar and suggested the students to participate laboratory classes regularly and attentively. Dr. Ahmed Al Mansur, Associate Professor, Dept, of EEE, pointed out some important findings from lab report writing skills of the students. He suggested the students to follow the report templates and read the laboratory manuals of each exepriments before doing any experiment. Dr. Shariful Alam, Associate Professor, Dept. of Textile Engineering decribed the importance of enhancing technical writing skills and also mentioned its gravity during higher education (M.Sc & Ph.D). He suggested the students to abide by the precautionary steps before performing/during any experiment.