Social Capital

Social Capital of Green University of Bangladesh
Our promises – Centre on the three following cardinal principles:
  • What we believe
  • What we will practice
  • What we will promote

These Principles are split into the following 20 separate points

  1. We will be punctual.
  2. We will maintain inclusive learning environment.
  3. We will be attentive.
  4. We will ensure mutual respect.
  5. We will cooperate and practice learning partnership and team work.
  6. We will be innovative and creative.
  7. We will maintain proper dress code and use ID card while on campus.
  8. We will stay away from side talking in class.
  9. We will always pursue truthfulness.
  10. We will ask questions and entertain feedback.
  11. We will communicate in English.
  12. We will carry out assignments and commitments.
  13. We will maintain decency at all levels.
  14. We will come prepared for the class.
  15. We will switch off cell phone in the class.
  16. We will bring course pack and other relevant learning materials.
  17. We will maintain loyalty and trust to the university.
  18. We will avoid plagiarism in all our academic works, assignments and theses.
  19. We will be fair in all of the examinations.
  20. We will maintain eco-friendly environment.